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“My sister recommended Dr. Reza Shahim because I was not receiving the necessary care for my back issues from other physicians. Dr. Shahim was amazing. He explained everything in detail and gave me several options. He was insistent that his first priority was for me to be satisfied and comfortable with the decision. I would recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital because anyone in pain wants to know the doctors and the staff care. The staff was extremely courteous and concerned for my health.

I was able to go on a Homeschool hiking field trip with children in Heber Springs. Prior to the surgery, I would not have made it out of the car, and certainly not a two mile hike. I’m also able to walk my two lovely dogs, Martin and Shang.”

LaKesa Robinson

Spine Surgery

Would I recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital? Absolutely, and I already have. The hospital was immaculate, the staff was extremely competent, the location was safe and easy to get to. All I can say is that this whole experience was life-changing. I never gave thanks to God above as much and as consistently as I have since my first operation.

From day one, I have watched my body heal. Today I’m about 17 weeks past my first hip and 9 weeks past my second hip, I’m back to work, I can stand on my feet all day, walk anywhere and ride my bike no problem, and today I mowed my yard! I have truly been given a second chance at life…Maybe I’ll have to change the way I do certain things, but I know I won’t have to change the things I do.

Jerry Dynek

Two Hip Replacements

“I endured the physical abuse of rice and soybean farming in the buckshot mud of southeast Arkansas for over 40 years. Add to that arthritic and bowed knees. To say that I had pain was a gross understatement. Because of the fine surgical skills of Dr. Scott Bowen and the excellent care I received at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, I experienced two total knee replacements that now allow me the pain free pleasure of yard work, golf, and keeping up with 8 grandchildren.”

David Walt

Two Total Knee Replacements

“The entire staff was great, and they explained everything to me. They made sure I wanted for nothing!”

Mimi Anderson

“We love Dr. Ken Martin. We love the care we got at Arkansas Surgical Hospital and would come again if needed. Everything is so clean and friendly! We would recommend the hospital to everyone. Our granddaughter told us about the hospital, and when we learned that this is where Dr. Martin does surgery, it was the best choice for us.”

Melvin & Wanda McAdoo

“I went with Dr. Hefley because I heard he was the best, and I did noninvasive surgery with faster recovery. Nobody wants to have surgery, but when you come here (to Arkansas Surgical Hospital) it is like a country club. Rooms were nice and everyone checked on me. The care I received, the friendliness and professionalism is why I would recommend the hospital.”

Roberta Rhein

Noninvasive Surgery

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